Coastal Maine


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For a state that encompasses 30,995 square miles and is, oh, let us say medium-sized as these things go, Maine sure puts up some big numbers in a lot of other respects. Although there are just 322 miles between its northernmost and southernmost points and a mere 207 miles between east and west, Maine has an incredible 5000 miles of coastline—much of which is spent circling its 4600-plus islands. Maine also has over 3000 lakes and ponds, 32,000 miles of inland waterway and most famously, over 60 lighthouses dotting that long, rocky coast. Numbers like that piqued our interest here at Destinations Travel and Sunday Drive, so we decided that, this month, we would undertake a multi-day peregrination among the coastal towns and sights of south eastern Maine. After all, there is a lot to explore in that area, from the shopping options rampant in L. L. Bean’s outlet-happy hometown, Freeport, to the exhibits covering Maine’s long maritime history at Bath’s expansive maritime museum. Add to that a little fall color for which this state is so justly famous, as well as a couple of small, quaint coastal towns and maybe even some wildlife of the natural variety, and hey, pack the car!. And of course, there is lobster! And really, when you get right down to it, a good and buttery lobster roll is all the reason one needs to head ‘down east’ for the spectacular sights–and tastes–of Maine. Photo Courtesy of Steve Levine – Steady70 See the entire article in Destinations Travel Magazine

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